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Dues are $18 for the year. All are welcome; you need not be a member of our temple nor do you have to be Jewish to join!


Our end of the year luncheon is usually in June.  At this luncheon it has been our custom for the last few years to donate clothing for the homeless children in Ocala.  This year with all that has gone on this becomes particularly vital. We are asking for all sizes of school aged children T-shirts this year. If our meeting is not held in June we will arrange for your donations to be picked up and brought to the school. Note: T-shirts can be ordered online at several stores and sent to your home or picked up curbside.



The long anticipated trip to Gainesville to experience the Judaica Suite in the Smather's Library of the University of Florida, proved to be all Congregation Beth Israel's Sisterhood members had hoped for and much, much more.


Enthralling, enlightening, educational and inspirational were some of the adjectives used to describe the setting and the passionate presentation by head curator, Rebecca Jefferson.


Amid the chapel style windows, the 40 foot ceiling and the dark wood paneling, the priceless treasures in the exhibit include a collection of nearly 100,000 books, priceless art works, a rare collection of chess sets, a Torah scroll, sculptures and tapestries and stained glass windows.


The collections showcase the influence of the Jewish people, from languages and customs to literature and science.   It should be a stop on anyone's list of places to visit in Central Florida.  By Elaine Morrison





















Continuing the Sisterhood year:                                                                                            

April – a tour of Shalom Park with emphasis on its Jewish roots                                                      

 May – Jewish cookbooks from various ethnic groups; we will purchase these to be kept in a lending library. Each member will talk about their book and we will each cook a recipe from the book.   We hope to get a grant from the JCNCF for this project.                                                   

June – end-of-year luncheon and talk by music expert. We will be collecting T-shirts for the homeless children of Marion County 

Following up, during the week of Hanukkah Jewish residents of several of our local assisted living and rehabilitation facilities were presented with special gifts by members of our Sisterhood.  These kindness boxes brought expressions of gratitude and delight and warm feeling from those recipients. Particularly memorable in our conversations with the recipients was Maria who was wearing a Jerusalem shirt and greeted us with both smiles and tears, expressing her delight at being remembered by fellow Jews at this time of year.   The activities directors of each facility expressed their appreciation as well, one even noting that because of our programs (we also do Chanukah programs as an activity at facilities) she learned so much and last year made matzoh ball soup for her Jewish residents.Helvetica Light is an easy to read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

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