2016 Temple Beth Darom

President: Judy Donnenberg 352-789-1270 

Set aside Monday, December 9th at 1:00 to join Sisterhood in putting together our annual Hanukkah gift bags for Jewish residents of assisted living facilities in the area. This year aside from pens and socks we will be filling those bags with lovely 5x7 picture frames as well as our usual cards, gelt, and dreidels. We will have pens available for purchase at $1 each. Contact me by email to confirm maryooch874@yahoo.com by December 5th. Give my name and address at gate: 9800 SW 89th Loop  

We will be presenting a Hanukkah program at                        Canterfield on Monday, December 23rd at 2:00.                                                                                           

Your assistance at this event is most welcome. Please let Mary (reply to email or 3523626383) know if you are attending Canterfield.. This is a great way to give back to the community and have a rewarding fun time for

The Ocala Domestic Violence Center    sent out a message for help in donations for 23 school age children which they are housing for the new school year. While we were too late to sponsor a child, we did send them a generous donation to help with items that were not covered and requested that we be put on a list for future aid to the group.                                                                                                       

Following up, during the week of Hanukkah Jewish residents of several of our local assisted living and rehabilitation facilities were presented with special gifts by members of our Sisterhood.  These kindness boxes brought expressions of gratitude and delight and warm feeling from those recipients. Particularly memorable in our conversations with the recipients was Maria who was wearing a Jerusalem shirt and greeted us with both smiles and tears, expressing her delight at being remembered by fellow Jews at this time of year.   The activities directors of each facility expressed their appreciation as well, one even noting that because of our programs (we also do Chanukah programs as an activity at facilities) she learned so much and last year made matzoh ball soup for her Jewish residents.Helvetica Light is an easy to read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.