There will be no services until further notice.

Testing is still not widely available in our country. Marion County has so far reported over 100 cases, but that does not mean that there are not many more that have yet to be determined. Getting together with others is NOT safe. You do not know if they have practiced the same stringent guidelines that you have followed.

When and if the board determines that it is safe to hold an event, we will continue with our program. Until then let us all do our part in staying safe and praying for our friends, relatives, community and world.

CBI and the JCNCF
We are pleased to announce that we have received a grant from the JCNCF  again.

Through the efforts of Janet and Mary we have applied for and received a grant from the JCNCF to help purchase various Jewish cookbooks which will become a part of a lending library for our congregation. With this money we were able to purchase 13 wonderful books with all types and genres of Jewish cooking and baking. Books are due in soon and will be given out to those who ordered them. Recipients will keep their books for now, going through them, and preparing for the future when we meet again for a Grand Celebration Luncheon! At the luncheon those who have cookbooks will tell us a bit about them and will prepare one recipe from their chosen book. The books will become part of a lending library for the congregation and Sisterhood.

Coming up in October -  An Afternoon at the Movies


On Sunday, October 27th  we will be meeting at 2:00pm  at Janet Sadowsky’s house in On Top of the World to view "Everything Is Illuminated", Afterwards, we will discuss the story and Jewish elements of the movie while we enjoy light refreshments, all this for $5 per person. Bring your money with you that day, but call Janet (843-540-3648) by October 22nd at the latest as she has to inform the gate to let you in.



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