2016 Temple Beth Darom



Beth Israel Connections                    

                  We have started a new group which will include all members

of both our congregation and Sisterhood. This group will be an affinity

group dedicated to building strong bonds of community.  Programs include

cultural events, holiday celebrations and lectures. All programs interweave

social   and educational dimensions.


Shabbat at the Paprocki Home                         


     We are so delighted to be celebrating a Shabbat service and dinner at the Paprocki home on Friday, December 13th. This will be a ‘potluck’ meal with everyone contributing a dish.  RSVP to Andee - chanamalkany@yahoo.com - by Monday, December 9th at the latest. We will NOT take reservations after that date. You must let Andee know what you will be bringing - it should be an amount that would serve 6-8 people. We will be having brisket and turkey for our main course.  Keep that in mind when deciding what to bring. After dinner we will be viewing the Friday night service from Central Synagogue starting at 6:00pm and hope to have dinner finished (and cleaned up, other than dessert) by then, so please be prompt.


GENERAL MEETING                           


 On December we will hold a general meeting during which we

will discuss further developments in our congregation. This meeting

will take place at On Top of the World at the Arbor Conference

Center Event Room (formerly room B) on Sunday, December 22nd

at 1:00pm. We need to have your RSVP by Sunday December 15th

at the latest so that a list can be generated to let you in the gate; call

Elaine at This meeting is for paid up members only.


High Holy Days

Endings and beginnings.   Sinning and atoning.  Forgiving and forgotten. 

So many concepts, so much to absorb.

       That is what a full celebration of the High Holidays was this year as

CBI live streamed the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services from

Central Synagogue in NYC for the first time.  The glorious singing of

the clergy and chorus, coupled with the brilliant instrumental

accompaniment of the orchestra, made the media room of the Brentwood

Senior facility soar with heavenly sound.                                                                                                                                        

 The moving and pertinent sermons delivered by several different

clergy, were well received and thought provoking.                                                                                     


 Great thanks goes to President Mary Chang for bringing a TV set

and computer and technological knowledge to make the magic happen.

  She also was able to have printed Mahzors for each of the

congregants of the service so they could follow the service as

if they were actually present in the sanctuary.


The delicious foods, brought in by members for the Break The Fast

meal were outstanding.  It does not seem too farfetched an idea

that CBI members might also consider becoming caterers at some

time in the exciting New Year of 5780.  By Elaine Morrison





Coming up in October -  An Afternoon at the Movies


On Sunday, October 27th  we will be meeting at 2:00pm  at Janet Sadowsky’s house in On Top of the World to view "Everything Is Illuminated", Afterwards, we will discuss the story and Jewish elements of the movie while we enjoy light refreshments, all this for $5 per person. Bring your money with you that day, but call Janet (843-540-3648) by October 22nd at the latest as she has to inform the gate to let you in.