We are blessed and thankful to have received a grant again this year, 2020, from the Jewish Council of North Central Florida for the purchase of books of Jewish recipes which will become part of our lending library and which we will share at an upcoming luncheon! Their support of our programs has been amazing. Please remember that when they ask for our support. They fund many great programs in the area.


Chesed Committee


Chesed is a Hebrew word commonly translated as "loving-kindness," "kindness" or "love." Chesed is central to Jewish ethics.


We are so delighted to announce that we have started our Chesed Program

and our chair will be  Fredda Goodstein (954-254-1880)  from . She is your

contact person to call if you or anyone you know needs some type of service.

This includes : phone calls to homebound and those recuperating, visiting hospital

or assisted  living, driving to doctor or for food shopping, a home cooked meal,

setting up for Shiva or memorial service, a haircut, reading a book, or walking a dog,


Unfortunately, we are not able to provide assistance for recurring issues. We can not help on

a weekly basis. We can try to  direct you, however, to someone who may be able to help.

This is such an important mitzvah. Please consider joining and assisting us.






Beth Israel of Ocala is now functioning only as a Sisterhood. While we have not held any meetings in several months due to the coronavirus, our intentions are to continue once it is safe to do so.

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